Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Single greatest John Stewartism EVAR!

So... you're peeing on a frozen pond... with a rope tied to your leg... with your friends on the other end... BRILLIANT!

a 6 1/2 minute video clip. Super Maro Bros. head to head race

It's british, yes, But it's still a live action simpsons opening.pretty fuckin rad at that.

Smoking gun has found a great court case. read the breif. then read the footnote on page two.

The A-team Theme... Re-Cast with the Chucker and Jack Bauer as the A-Team! w00t!

Scatman Dances to Motorcycle Race

what happens when you teach your dad beer pong.

teehee... the elephant dropped a bomb on him.

ok, why was this asshole turning so slow, and in front of someone. (motorcycle head on crash)

d'oh! wasps v. scrotum. (opie and anthony superball)

Base jumping mid air collision.

why dressing like a dork and dancing like you're being electrucuted could be harmful to your health.

Trying to jump like a ninja when not one, leads to injury.

crash at 90MPH while running from the cops without wearing a seatbelt?

Fuck the shit. song/video. good band.

oh... those silly japanese.(maybe nsfw?) i don't know what's going on, or why, but i support their dancing!

This is the video of the bull jumping into the stands and having a goring good time.

best stand up routine ever... the starwipes truly add to it's awesomeness.

How to jump into a pond wrong.

the aristocrats, very poorly animated.

Here's The Chucker on the Tony Danza show talking about chuck norris facts.

Heh, The Chucker on Conan. This time, he's got his OWN lever to pull.

the website name speaks for itself.

Tivo + yesterdays winning numbers = Gold!

Saddest wrestling fanboy evAr!

Song about how shitty emo is.

Lazy Sunday. Narnia Rap

japanese porno fear factor.

apparently, kissing before a fight isn't a smart idea? who knew.

Redneck Rollercoaster

live action punch out you say? can't be done you say? ha! i say, bullocks to you.

They were giving him u.p.s.??? wow... good eyewitness.

on scond thought, i will not be camera man for you.fake porn mishap.

Chick has same expression, always... freaky.

Wow... a 1984 childrens sing along about genitals...

the single greatest prank i have ever seen. requires conviction.

Dude disrespects another man's automobile... get's comeuppance.

mike ditka rapping...

unicorn porn?

This makes me want to see the passion of the christ.

City train/tram derails, killing many.

Why i love hockey.ahh the fights and the fights.

Nintendo Choir

uggh... worst kung fu porn ever... EVER!

Crazy Naked body builder chicks... ick.

fan fight? are they fighting the fan? or... each other... is it a free for all?

Good pwn3d/woops/yougotwrecked! montage.

funny porn clip. Totally fake

a remix of the "Titanic" trailer.

hehehehehehe, med school students play darndest pranks.

Welcome to thunderdome bitches! check for the girl at the end getting stabb3d! in teh leg.

the "west side story" trailer edit.

Kinda hot. this chick is fake fellating this guy all over town.

Webshots Gallery

dude, you fucked a ghost!

"and boom goes the dynamite".worst sportscaster ever.

LEEROY JENKINS! W.O.W. video... funny shit

this guy sucks at zippo tricks.

wow, exteme ping pong.

Gay Car wash shenanigans.

the "shining" trailer recut.

Would you like to go to prom with her?

La la la la la just walking home from school OHCHRISTACAR! (car crash... duh!)

not sure what's going on here or what these girls were trying to do...

It's not everyday an elephant decides to come visit you at work.

another porn star accident. if you look, i think she actually gets knocked the fuck out

"And that's the end of our weekend". hillbillies crash their shit.

Lion v. Bear... hehehehehe



Dude's ruthelessly pillow fighting. some crying.

Porn Actress Slipping in heels on tile

All the celebrity jeopardies.

Guy proposes to girl at B-ball game... not so well.

uhhh... parachute?

Reporter slips, says Jackoff

Dumb Chicks play superhero's on swings.lose.

dude gets paid $500 to drink ipecac.

penn and tellers bullshit. subj: bottled water.

NOLA Cops looting Wal-Mart


goofy shit

psychological warfare at Cal UCLA game

jessica alba nekkid! w00t!

An honest to god time traveller? no way.

time travel guy wasn't lying!!!!! he really did it!

Preserved craigs listing... jabba wants to be leia... (probably nsfw)

hehehe, somebody showing ron jeremy "goatse" for the first time.

i give you the goatse man (nsfw)

The Chucker was here!? In Botswana?

Dude was cybering with his mom.

Santas' on the rampage! it's santarchy!

afraid you've been blocked? too dumb to create a new AIM name to check? try this site.

for those of you late to the game, the real dirt behind ATM's. *snicker*

single greatest wake up alarm type thingy ever invented.

Foam Shocker hand.

jail won't hold him. he's a vampire

daddy in jail? want a picture to lie to friends about? this website is for you.

Labia stretching? huh. who knew.

lawyer chick decides she doesn't want a boyfriend.

hehehe, revised textbooks for christians.

Methhead on an NFL message board.

Piracy calculator. find out how much your stash is worth

the end of the internet... hmmm.

kind of a neat blog.some of the shit is gay, some is hot, some is just plain scary.

i'm not sure which pisses me off more, the fact that these are clearly fake, or that people believe these.

got a home bar you need to deck out?

this guy hates people named tony.

Dave Coulier has a live Journal? cut it out...

modern drunkard magazine

internet way back machine

neato sound search engine.

the homo handshake...

incurable romantic seeks filthy whore. sounds about right.